Things I loved about SPN 13.06

So, I'm very late to the party, but am also remembering how to enjoy the show without most of the fandom baggage. Which is lovely.

  1. Dean is happy again: huzzah!

  2. Jack found Dean a case with possible zombies and a cowboy connection

  3. Dean's utter delight over the cowboy connection, which he just wants to share with Sam (as with most of the things he enjoys)

  4. The glimpse of freshly dry-cleaned suits. My mild obsession with the Winchesters' grocery/laundry habits continues

  5. Jack continues to be a tiny well-meaning innocent

  6. Cas warning Jack about waking Dean (voice of experience?) and Dean demonstrating that this is yet another area where Sam always gets a special pass

  7. Dean needing coffee in order to function

  8. Dean's cowboy obsession helping to solve the case

  9. Jack's utter horror and guilt over accidentally killing the bank guard

  10. Dean's very strong reluctance to crawl down into the ghoul tunnel--muttering and complaining to himself the entire way down as he refuses to freak out because he's a professional

  11. Sam trying to soft-pedal things for Jack; Dean bluntly (but not unkindly) answering Jack's question anyway

I'd have liked it if the case itself had been a bit more robust, but Jack was clearly the central figure here--this whole episode was designed to first put him at ease, boost his confidence that he's doing the right thing, and then create a scenario for things to go very, very wrong despite his every good intention.

Poor guy.

Also, Cas looks ridiculous in a cowboy hat. Especially when it's just a straw hat pretending to be one.
I love this episode so much. <3333 And I adore the way you put this: which he just wants to share with Sam (as with most of the things he enjoys) BOYS.
He's such a little kid with Sam, sometimes--"Lookit, Sam! Lookit! Isn't this the coolest???"

Such a goober. <3
Yes! Pretty much all of that. Just goes to show they can still put great episodes together if they try.
Given how long the show as been running, I remain astonished at how much care still goes into putting each episode together. The writers obviously have their strengths and weaknesses, but I don't think anyone phones it in, even now.

(...well, except perhaps for the backdoor pilot attempts, which I assume have network fingerprints all over them.)
I think my fave thing in the entire episode was Cas' very poor straw boater/cowboy hat ;)