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Oh hey, it's Valentine's Day

What's your favorite "Valentine's Day" episode of Supernatural? Mine's been "Love Hurts" ever since we got this great trailer/music video from the editing team.

(Bonus question: have you seen My Bloody Valentine 3D? I just did, and it's more interesting than I expected. Still dumb, but there's bones of a decent story underneath.)
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I have seen it but not in 3D (my eyesight won't allow me to differentiate between that kind of 3D and 2D in the cinema) and it's not as awful as you think, is it? I actually own it on dvd ;)
That's a great teaser! I mostly remember the ep for not!Amara being so seductive.
Yeah, Emily Swallow did a great job of playing that role with a very different feel to it than real!Amara.