Three truths and a lie

This is the sort of slumber party thing that I never did because went to hardly any slumber parties as a kid. (At least, I assume this is the sort of thing people do at slumber parties.) Three truths and a lie, can you guess which?

  1. I've never ridden on a school bus

  2. When I was just learning how to read, my dad taught me ancient Greek for kicks, but I forgot it all by the time I was 10

  3. I have a single beard hair on the exact point of my chin

  4. When I was born, my parents had a cat who hated me so much she disappeared a week after they brought me home

Have any wacky facts about yourself you feel like sharing? (Or lies that sound true?)

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It's actually a truth--I was homeschooled, and never went to summer camp or did any activities that involved being bused somewhere. (Though I've since been on city & tour buses.)
Ha, good guess! That's actually a story I stole from a friend--though knowing my father, I'm sort of surprised it isn't a truth.

He did teach me Greek, but it during senior year of high school, to give me a leg up during my freshman year of college.
Ahhh, I thought for sure I would be wrong, lol! It's pretty danged cool he taught you Greek though. It;s a language I'd love to learn.
I've forgotten most of it, I must admit--there's just not much call for it in normal life, y'know? But I can still follow along (more or less) during the New Testament readings at church.