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Sweet heavens these are absolutely gorgeous aaaah. And so evocative. I love S10 to pieces. It might truly be my favorite (still undecided as to whether that honor belongs to 6 or 10).
I love s10 an awful lot--s2 and s11 just barely edge out in front of it, but it's easily in the top three. Actually, "Ask Jeeves" served as my gateway drug for SPN--I probably watched that episode 8 times in less then a week, and then I bought a season 10 pass, and then I dropped ~$450 in under a month to buy all the other seasons.

Heady days, man--heady days.
Okay no but looking at these shots in my heart of hearts at least for tonight my favorite is 10. GAH. These set of screencaps is basically everything I love about SPN. (I know they're mostly moody shots, as per my interests, haha, but there's also that glimmer of zany humor too, because of the cake shot!) I want this whole set in an art book.
This is one of the sets that I felt really pleased with when I was done compiling. So many beautiful episodes to choose from, and several shots that are definitely on my 'favorites' list.
I like 1, 11, 12, 17, 18, and 19. The one with the car traveling down the dark road is eerie.