Brat Farrar (bratfarrar) wrote,
Brat Farrar

Contemplating the past

I've been looking over gentle_edgar, the account I started for my one and only role-play fic ("Edgar and the Fool", a King Lear epistolary fic that my college roommate and I played at for several years, on and off), which later turned into the dumping grounds for my fic from roughly 2006-2012. I think. It's hard to go back and reconstruct. In retrospect, I can't really recall why I made that move in the first place, except perhaps because it seemed like the cool kids were doing it. Looking at it with the eye of 2018, that seems to be the reasoning behind a fair bit of it.

I don't judge my younger self for it, but the whole thing is kind of fascinating--I can see here and there things that I did because I saw other people doing them, or choices I made in hopes of snagging more of an audience. Trying to fit in and never quite making it.

That's not all it was, of course, but it really is very like visiting a dead blog that used to belong to someone else--a near-stranger, even.

Anyhow. Sometimes the past can be depressing, but in this case I think it's encouraging: No pretensions of popularity now, and even if my fic count is far lower than I'd like, I'm managing to stick to the discipline of posting daily (though rather last-minutely, as in today's case). I like having a variety blog, with music and poetry and screen caps and everything all rubbing elbows: it's a more rounded reflection of who I am as a person.

And now I'm kind of curious about you all: what were you doing online between 2006 and 2012? Same thing as now? Dramatic differences? Anything from back then that you regret having abandoned or are glad to have accomplished?
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