Scraping the bottom of the barrel

I had a couple of weeks in December when I was super-focused and managed to queue up around six weeks of content, and here we are, hitting the end of it. And I'm solidly in my January slump, so ... things might be a little erratic until I can pull myself properly back together.

But that got me curious about how other people manage their blogs (on whichever platform you're most active on). Do you queue stuff up? Schedule only certain special posts? Just put things up randomly when it strikes your fancy?

(In terms of mental health, the latter's probably the better way to run things, but when I try it, two days of not posting quickly turns into two and a half months, and then I feel guilty about it.)

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I put up what I feel inspired to put up.

When I haven't put anything up in a day or two, I generally can make myself feel inspired. Normal technique is the ramble about an element of a work in progress.
I can generally make myself feel inspired

You must have much better self-discipline than I do!
I am firmly in the "put things up randomly when it strikes your fancy" camp. XP When was first actively on LJ, I tried to post once a week (whether that meant "ONLY post once a week" or "AT LEAST once a week") but now it's just whenever fancy strikes. That could meant four consecutive days of long rambling posts, or it could mean one in a month.

For Tumblr I'm much the same; I post there a lot more frequently, owing to reblogs and to the fact that that's just the kind of medium Tumblr is, but I don't really sum up my RL or talk about personal things there. That territory belongs to the lockable, longform ways of LJ. I'd like to do that more regularly so every post I make isn't "I don't know what my life is too many things" and I actually know what I'm doing at a given moment and can make sense of this garbage fire. XDD
and I actually know what I'm doing at a given moment and can make sense of this garbage fire. XDD

Pft--not even posting daily helps much with that. :P
I'm a random poster - apart from stuff for challenges which have deadlines, of course. Generally I don't like to post too often as I don't want people to get bored with me.
Yeah, spamming is always something to be wary of, especially on a slower-style platform like LJ.
I am of the school of "post when I have something to post and not otherwise". It's a matter of time, access, and inspiration. I am old enough that most of my life is spent off-line, so a gap of months does not bother me.
I am old enough that most of my life is spent off-line

I kind of envy you that, even though my current state is at least partially of my own making. :P
I tend to timer stuff I have 'planned' such as the 100 Days of Graphics at the mo, but only a certain amount at a time, I just hit my last timered one today, so I'll have to go in and do some more. Other stuff is totally random, and is evident from my lack of replies on the flist for the last week, when I get my head into something else I tend to completely forget to post unless something strikes my fancy and I end up way behind on my feed ♥ *hugs* I hope you feel less slumpy soon my lovely xx
Eh, it's just January, which is always a bit doldrum-y. Lent starts soon, which will probably help: I'm going to make a serious attempt at avoiding YouTube for the duration.