Sleeping patterns

Yesterday I read an interesting article about people who really do need less than 5 hours of sleep per day, so now I'm curious: where do you folks fall on the sleeping spectrum?

Which are you?

Morning bird
Night owl
Would be morning bird but are night owl thanks to internet
<5 hours per night "short sleeper"
Batman *must* be a short sleeper if he's still functional on his schedule

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Night owl living in a morning bird world--in bed from about midnight to 6 Sunday through Thursday, then Friday and Saturday I go to bed at 2 or 3 in the morning and sleep till 9...or 10...or noon...
It all depends on the activity the day after the sleep. A work night I tend to toss and turn and get unsettled/interrupted sleep - hang over from doing night shifts I think - so I go to bed SUPER early but then in amongst the eight hours I'm in bed I only get about five-six. If I have nothing to deal with the next day then I can go on five quite happily. Last night I was awake at half 2 and have yet to go back to sleep (girly times) but I am flagging now, lol.
Oh, sorry to hear about the tossing and turning! There's something unsettling about not being able to get to sleep properly.
I've never heard of this "short sleeper" phenomenon - I can't imagine consistently living on less then 5 hours of sleep. 6 is my minimum.

Also, I have a lot of feelings about the moralization of sleep habits, you know, the whole "Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise" shtick. I feel constantly pressured to turn myself into an early bird, and I can't decide if that is just societal, or an actual attempt to straighten out how I spend my time (ie, not waste it half as much as I do).

I also have a lot of feelings about the spiritual implications of time management. :P
Oh, I feel you. It's a question I'm struggling with a bit now--hence the poll. :P

But I do think the main thing is to figure out what actually works best for your mind and body--"morality" of it be hanged. Your main duty to those around you is to be as functional as possible, y'know?
I usually sleep 4 to 5 hours every night (from 2 am to 6.30/7.00 am). A couple of years ago it was hard and I would be sleepy at work, but my body got used and now I can work perfectly without fall asleep, even the days I do workout. It's hard to me to go to bed early, I'm night person.
I find it depends on how much time I spend at the computer--the more computer, the harder it is to go to bed/fall asleep early enough for a full 8 hours.
I can't sleep early even if I don't use the computer when I get home. I'll stay awake reading a book, watching a serie or messing around without do anything at all =/