Review: Road to Gehenna

So, it turns out that The Talos Principle's mini-sequel/coda game Road to Gehenna is pretty rad too--though a trifle more likely to make my computer crash (poor thing; it was not built with gaming in mind). Also very time-consuming. I feel kind of lame for not really doing much else of note since the Christmas break ended, but oh well. They're such lovely virtual worlds to hang out in.

Anyhow, if you're still interested in a more meta-ish (and much prettier) variation on Portal, I'd recommend this just as highly as the original game.

I'm hoping to finish this one sometime this week--at which point I shall have to play catch-up on SPN. I'm starting to miss my boys. <3
I know gaming is a whole new world to what it was last time I looked at it, but I still can't get my head round it. I can appreciate the amazing graphics though. And the music.
It sure is different than my childhood DOS games, that's for sure. (We had a version of PAC-MAN that was all but impossible to play because our Windows 95 was so much faster than the system it was built for that the characters flew around at practically lightening speeds, and there was no way to crank it down.)

Both the Talos games are very soothing to play (aside from the levels with exploding mines)--good for gloomy days where you just need a bit of sun and greenery.

And I know I've been doing a small run of game reviews here, but I've barely dipped my toe into the world of gaming, and have no interest in doing more than just wading a little around the very edge. There's _so many_ good games you could literally spend your entire life playing them.