Market Research

Okay, so this year I'm going to try very hard to keep last year's promise that I figure out how to make Turtle and Little Dude stuff that's a) worth buying and b) actually purchasable. It could take the whole year, as I've never even vaguely attempted anything like this--so there are probably going to be more polls on this subject in the future. Just to warn you.

What would you be interesting in buying?

Print book of drawings
Prints/posters of individual drawings
Clothing of some kind
Mugs, etc.
Note cards (a la Hallmark)

If a print book, what kind?

A collection of all existing works
A reboot/expansion of the dictionary project
A collection of captioned, more detailed pictures
A collection of captioned, more cartoony images (such as back in my fountain pen days)

Suggestions for platforms through which to make items available

I have this vague dread that I'm probably going to wind up having to go back on Tumblr in order to try and build an actual customer base.
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This is a tough one because I rarely buy that kind of thing. If I did buy it would most likely be a present for someone and the rate my friends and family are dying off there aren't many people left to buy presents for. I've suggested a couple of sites that do the printing for you and where uploading the designs is easy, plus etsy as a more do it yourself option. As for marketing - I'm the last person to ask. I've got stuff of mine up on Redbubble and do nothing to promote it as it feels like that would need more energy than I've got.
I've long wanted to be able to actually buy your little Turtle and Friends adventures, so any of the above would work for me, but you could always for creating/marketing purposes use photoprint/vistaprint etc etc, they all now offer gift ad business options.
I love your turtle little dude drawings! I'll buy 'em all! Please don't cartoonify 'em.
I don't think, if you look back through the tag, that the older ones are "cartoony", but they're a simpler style than what I'm doing currently, and a different medium (fountain pen instead of ballpoint).