drabble: Harmonic (for 2ndary_author)

For 2ndary_author's prompt: SGA. Hidden talents. And now I want to write one about John and pie-baking.

Remember, there are still three drabbles up for grabs!



When Teyla meditates by herself in the privacy of her room (a privacy which she will never take for granted), she sings. Not the usual songs, such as she sung for Charin’s death, but pure sound. It is a different sort of meditation, stripping her down to nothing but voice—many voices, if she does it properly—‘calling the wind’.

She asked Rodney once whether his people did anything similar—Rodney, because he was most likely to simply answer without asking questions in return. He described it as ‘throat-singing’, which makes little sense to her. All singing is from the throat.
if you write the one about John and pie baking will you mention his grandma? Where is the farm? I'd like to think that it's in the south somewhere.
Well, it would be hard not to mention her, since she's the one who taught him how to bake in the first place.

I haven't really thought out where the farm is, but I tend to think of it as somewhere around Pennsylvania, since that's the sort of farmland I'm familiar with. Fields and woods and lots and lots of deer.
This is perfect, right down to Rodney being the one least likely to ask inconvenient questions. John + pie might be just a little more perfect, though *nudge*
Re: Yay!
John + pie will probably happen whether I mean to or not. He keeps disappearing into the kitchen. And humming. It's a little disturbing - or would be, if things didn't smell so wonderful.
Not you too!
Oh my lord....throat singing has infected EVERYTHING I LOVE!!! *Sigh* You crazy girl. I can't believe Jonathan got to you. *glances around* Am I the only one left? :P

That being said, I do love the way you characterize Teyla - I have a hard time getting a feel for her from the show usually, and you fill in the blanks very nicely.
Re: Not you too!
The logic behind the throat-singing was pretty much "she sings, she meditates -- what if she combined the two?" Although I will admit that the two hours spent trying to throat-sing on the way home last weekend probably had something to do with it.

I do love the way you characterize Teyla - I have a hard time getting a feel for her from the show usually, and you fill in the blanks very nicely.

Honestly? I feel like I'm still fumbling for her -- well, all of them really. Except for John, who seems to have set up house in my head for some reason. But I think this is the first thing I've written from her POV. The tricky thing about her and Ronon is figuring out how much of Earth culture would translate, and how much would be simply gibberish to them. (Plus the whole question of the translation itself -- how does that work, anyway?)
I like the idea of Teyla singing her meditations, being by doing.

And Rodney as the most likely to just answer -- yesss, and why did I not see that?
Maybe because he talks so much? I didn't realize the truth of it until I wrote it down.

eta: That is, his talking is a distraction from what he talks about. So he's very vocal and pushy about the subjects he's interested in--everything else, not so much.

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Um, I'm kinda with Teyla on the "huh?", but I can imagine what you're talking about, I think. And it is absolutely true--Rodney is the perfect no-nonsense answer man, weird as that seems, since we rarely see that in the show.