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A curiosity

Honestly, I'm not sure this qualifies as "popular" (I've never been popular in my entire life) so much as "finally got off her ass and started posting daily in a somewhat structured way". Trello is very helpful for that sort of thing, btw; I highly recommend it if you'd like to take a shot at doing the same.

Takeaways from this year's experiment:

  1. I can apparently manage a fic every other week if I try really hard, but even then there are definitely gaps

  2. Screen caps remain a great deal of fun

  3. LJ's new post editor is basically the post editor from Tumblr and I kind of hate it. I need my HTML editing option, people. Messy/inaccessible code is infuriating

  4. In the wake of spn_bunker closing up shop, I've picked up a bunch of new people. Hello, new people! Lovely to have you around. :)

  5. I could get a lot more done in my life if I just blocked YouTube

  6. Oh crap, I've promised people I'd figure out next year how to make Little Dude & Turtle stuff that could be purchased. It's almost next year. Crap.


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I wonder how LJ measures popularity - I've seen LJ commenting on posts saying this is in the top most popular posts on LJ today and when you look the post has maybe three comments. Maybe that's just a really quiet day on LJ LOL.

How did you do that statistic then?

Oh and LJ's new post editor is HORRIBLE! I'm dreading when they remove the old version and force us all to use the new.
The graphic was generated by the Your 2017 In LJ link up on the menu bar.

LJ is definitely a lot quieter than, say, Tumblr--but honestly, that's why I returned to it. Definitely a more comfortable pace, and it's possible to kind of get to know all my commenters, which I like a lot. :smooches:
Yep I find LJ the most sociable of the so-called social media and definitely the more civilised place to hang out. *smooches ya back*
Hello :)
The new post editor is useless, I hope they keep the HTML editor instead force us to use the new one.

I stopped using Youtube to listent to music because I end always stucked at the computer watching the videos :D

Happy 2018 for you :)
Re: Hello :)
Me too--also, I like having the "related entries" option, and that doesn't appear to be a thing in the Tumblr-style post editor.

And yeah--YouTube will eat you if you're not careful. I'm apparently not careful enough. :P

Happy 2018 to you as well!
Hun, you're popular to me, and all the peeps who enjoy your art, your thoughts and your fic, and just you, so hush :) ♥