Brat Farrar (bratfarrar) wrote,
Brat Farrar

A curiosity

Honestly, I'm not sure this qualifies as "popular" (I've never been popular in my entire life) so much as "finally got off her ass and started posting daily in a somewhat structured way". Trello is very helpful for that sort of thing, btw; I highly recommend it if you'd like to take a shot at doing the same.

Takeaways from this year's experiment:

  1. I can apparently manage a fic every other week if I try really hard, but even then there are definitely gaps

  2. Screen caps remain a great deal of fun

  3. LJ's new post editor is basically the post editor from Tumblr and I kind of hate it. I need my HTML editing option, people. Messy/inaccessible code is infuriating

  4. In the wake of spn_bunker closing up shop, I've picked up a bunch of new people. Hello, new people! Lovely to have you around. :)

  5. I could get a lot more done in my life if I just blocked YouTube

  6. Oh crap, I've promised people I'd figure out next year how to make Little Dude & Turtle stuff that could be purchased. It's almost next year. Crap.

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