Brat Farrar (bratfarrar) wrote,
Brat Farrar

Fics from Christmases Past

How things might have looked for those folks who were simply minding their sheep:

  • While Shepherds Watched - It comes like the ending of the world: the sky splits open—open, so that the things behind the stars are visible.

  • Whereat the Infant Lay - The heavens fold shut again, suddenly full of the absence of light and angels and soul-seizing music.

The tiny Dr. Who trilogy:Life on a small, imagined island:

  • When the Stars Were Young (and So Was I) - They fished until the sun shone hard on the beach and they’d caught enough to feed them each quite a few times over. Or rather, Faraji and Plen fished and Joy chased sand pipers and drew pictures in the sand while Faraji told her stories of being at sea.

Childhood Christmases in the bunker in Lebanon, KS:

  • Merry and Bright - Lebanon wasn't really the home of Christmas cheer to begin with and living in a hidden underground bunker didn't help, but Dean had never been daunted by any of that.

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