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J - John Sheppard, of course. ;P Who doesn't love a sarcastic and loyal flyboy with crazy hair?

R - Rupert Venables from the Magid books by Diana Wynne Jones. He's just trying to do his job and keep an eye on the magical goings-on of Earth and the surrounding worlds, but winds up in the middle of a huge inter-planetary/dimensional mess through no fault of his own. It's fun having a character who approaches magic from the mindset of a computer programmer. A little uptight, but utterly reliable, and a nice guy once he loosens up a bit.

D - Dean Winchester, which is another "of course" answer. He's a good guy who does bad stuff when it needs to be done, even when it leaves him with blood on his hands and nightmares. Willing to trade himself for his brother no matter what the circumstances. A wonderful mix of hard and soft--a seeming ball of contractions. Probably one of my all-time favorite characters. (Duncan McLeod is pretty great too, though.)

S - Sam Winchester; which feels like cheating--I should probably have stuck them down together as a single answer. But it's late and I'm dosed up on cold medicine, so instead I'll point at his stubbornness and loyalty and desire to do the right thing. An excellent researcher and not a bad shot, either. A good balance to his brother. (Though Samwise Gamgee would win out if this was limited to books, and Sam Vimes would give them both a good run for their money.)

C - Charlie Brown. The kid just never gives up, not for real, no matter how many times his team loses, or the football gets yanked away, or he doesn't get any cards for Valentine's day. You can learn a lot from a character like that. I sure did.