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Things I love about s12

  1. So, a brief disclaimer: yes, s11 was a hard act to follow, but this is where the fandom negativity really started to get to me, because despite its flaws (and every season has them, even the best ones), s12 has some really good stuff that seems to get ignored in favor of nit-picking.

  2. Okay--this sounds kind of bad, but I cannot tell a lie: Sam was absolutely gorgeous while being tortured in 12.01-02 (which he balanced out by being resolute and sassy and resourceful). Really, the whole season had some beautiful cinematography; Sam simply started things out with a bang.

  3. Which leads nicely into the list of episodes I throughly enjoyed and have rewatched multiple times: "American Nightmare", "The One You've Been Waiting For", "Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox", "Rock Never Dies", "Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets", "Regarding Dean", "Stuck In the Middle With You", "The Raid", "Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell", "Ladies Drink Free", "The Memory Remains", "Twigs & Twine & Tasha Banes", "Who We Are". And I've rewatched portions of all the other episodes as well--some excellent domestic moments between Sam and Dean.

  4. Some favorite moments with Sam and Dean: eating breakfast together at the beginning of "The Foundry", bickering over Sam's childhood passion for Vince Vincente, Dean's glee over killing Hitler and Sam's fond indulgence; Sam 'outing' Dean as an anime watcher to Jody (and the casual familiarity implied by them simply dropping by her place without prior notice); the whole car ride scene in "Rock Never Dies"; pretty much all of "Regarding Dean"; Sam's unprompted confession to Dean at the end of "Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell"; the hotel scenes at the beginning of "Ladies Drink Free" (Sam's frantic juggling of books and car keys <3 ); all the diner scenes in "The Memory Remains" and the carving of their initials at the end of the episode; and of course Hey, lunatic and that hug in "Who We Are".

  5. The thing is, there are a ton of other scenes that I love--it just starts to get tedious trying to list them all. :P

  6. More great vids from Shaving People, Punting Things:

  7. I was a bit trepidatious about the reintroduction of Mary, mostly because I couldn't think of what they could do with her. But I found her storyline, and the storyline she gave Dean, unexpectedly compelling. I could understand and feel sorry for her, even while shaking my head over the damage she was doing to herself and her sons.

  8. This season also had what is undoubtedly the best season arc of all time: Dean and the grenade launcher.

  9. Did I mention it was a gorgeous season?

What are your favorite parts of s12?
Mine too, probably--a close tie with "The Memory Remains" (or perhaps "The One You've Been Waiting For"?). It reminds me of "Mystery Spot" or "Yellow Fever" with its mix of humor and growing sense of dread.
I don't really have a lot to add because you touched on every single thing I adored about the season, but I will say the extra added domesticity of this year despite the hugeness of Lucifer's love child and the Antichrist being imminent, was such a welcome contrast to that story line. We all adore the humble every day things they do and we don't often get to see them, but this year we were treated to quite a few and it was just perfect.
Yes, yes, yes to your fav eps, and there were so many highlights (including Sam's torture and that beautiful shot of him all alone in the dark and shadows). I love that hug from 12.23 and the trust and growth we saw in their relationship that they could separate and trusted each other to come back *happy sigh*
I could understand and feel sorry for her, even while shaking my head over the damage she was doing to herself and her sons.

I found the Mary storyline interesting. I wish they had picked either the BMoL or Lucifer and just gone with 2 season arcs--the splitting of my attention was challenging. I did love, however, that Sam and Dean communicated with each other in a way that showed how far they've come from not trusting each other and not talking about their differences of opinions from the early seasons--that character development was the best part of the season for me!
Honestly, I kind of wish they'd dropped Lucifer from the second half of the season, instead of having Crowley redirect Rowena's banishment spell. But I'd rather not dwell on that mild disappointment, just accept that they didn't and instead make the most of what the season actually gave us.

And Sam and Dean's pretty solid communication throughout was indeed a definite highlight. :)