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  • Mousie minstral

    Drawn from a real-life figurine, at the challenge of a friend.

  • from the archives: A failed experiment

    So, this is from the time I just wanted to draw a cliff, and then tried to stick a waterfall behind it, and then stuck a paper boat at the bottom…

  • from the archives: Daisies

    The question keeping the turtle up at night was why the little dude had so many daisy costumes in the first place; a second, even more worrying…

Sorry, the anon was from me. I thought I was signed in.

Edited at 2017-12-16 07:59 am (UTC)
Cool, still loving the turtle. Where is the bird who should go with the tree?
Like I commented above, I got so distracted drawing the trees I didn't leave room for anything else.
I'm surprised that thy weren't getting more advice, lol! Too adorable, as always ♥