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Since I'm on a campaign to remind myself of why I fell in love with Supernatural in the first place, and to beat back the clouds of negativity that seem to always surround the current season, let's have a pleasant wallow in our favorite bits of this wonderful show.

  • Have a favorite scene?

  • A line you find yourself constantly quoting?

  • Something that makes you laugh (or cry) every time?

  • An episode that you think everyone should watch at least once?

Please Share!

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I have three episodes that I watch over and over again because they make me laugh & I would tell anyone to watch:
Dog Dean Afternoon
The French Mistake
Just My Imagination

I quote Dean's line a lot: Demons I get, people are crazy.

They have such great lines for each - Sam & Dean.

I love Sam where he tells the doctor that Satan is attempting to hang a pinata, but he's too short to reach the ceiling.

I love the sense of family & the brother's love for each other

Ha--I use that same quote fairly frequently (often in connection with the news, I must admit).

I love the sense of family & the brother's love for each other - This is definitely what caught my attention when I first came across the show back in s2, and it's why I'm still watching it now, in s13 (though a bit tardily). As long as it remains, I'll probably keep watching the show, regardless of anything else.