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Since I'm on a campaign to remind myself of why I fell in love with Supernatural in the first place, and to beat back the clouds of negativity that seem to always surround the current season, let's have a pleasant wallow in our favorite bits of this wonderful show.

  • Have a favorite scene?

  • A line you find yourself constantly quoting?

  • Something that makes you laugh (or cry) every time?

  • An episode that you think everyone should watch at least once?

Please Share!

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Quotable Line: Whenever I'm in the car with my son and he complains about me being tuned into the classic rock station I say: (C'mon say it with me!) "Driver picks the music, shotgun..."
...and before I can complete the line, my son groans, does an epic eyeroll and says "You're not Dean, Mum!" (he says this very scathingly...)
And then I tell him that he's not Sam, but he can still shut his piehole about my music.
Of course, Supernatural has been going a long time now and these days my son has his drivers license too. As I'm sure you can guess, I now get 'the line' if he's driving and I complain about his taste in music! :D Of course, I tell him that he's not Dean...Dean has better taste in music! :D

Favourite Scene: There's been so much awesomeness over so many years, but one of my all-time favourite scenes will always be the beginning of Lazarus Rising, which Jensen absolutely knocks out of the park, without any dialogue at all. Spellbinding, every time. :)

And I confess that Fan Fiction makes me cry every time I watch it. Like...every time. :D
Hee--I love hearing about lines from the show that make it into daily living.

The opening scene from "Lazarus Rising" is amazing--another example of the show knocking it out of the park on every level: writing, acting, set design, camera work....