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Since I'm on a campaign to remind myself of why I fell in love with Supernatural in the first place, and to beat back the clouds of negativity that seem to always surround the current season, let's have a pleasant wallow in our favorite bits of this wonderful show.

  • Have a favorite scene?

  • A line you find yourself constantly quoting?

  • Something that makes you laugh (or cry) every time?

  • An episode that you think everyone should watch at least once?

Please Share!

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There have been so many stellar episodes that center on the relationship between Sam and Dean, the heart and soul of SPN. I have been emotionally devastated by many of the classic episodes like 'Swan Song' and 'Heart' and 'All Hell Breaks Loose 1 & 2' to name a few, but if I could only have one episode to rewatch forever, it is 'Fan Fiction.' It is such a love letter to the fans--Marie and her assistant director are written so lovingly--over-the-top in their passion for the Supernatural books and yet smart and creative and full of gumption and it makes me so happy to think that the SPN powers-that-be (including the cast) see us like that!
It really is a very generous episode--in addition to being hilarious and heartwarming. <3