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Since I'm on a campaign to remind myself of why I fell in love with Supernatural in the first place, and to beat back the clouds of negativity that seem to always surround the current season, let's have a pleasant wallow in our favorite bits of this wonderful show.

  • Have a favorite scene?

  • A line you find yourself constantly quoting?

  • Something that makes you laugh (or cry) every time?

  • An episode that you think everyone should watch at least once?

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There have been so many stellar episodes that center on the relationship between Sam and Dean, the heart and soul of SPN. I have been emotionally devastated by many of the classic episodes like 'Swan Song' and 'Heart' and 'All Hell Breaks Loose 1 & 2' to name a few, but if I could only have one episode to rewatch forever, it is 'Fan Fiction.' It is such a love letter to the fans--Marie and her assistant director are written so lovingly--over-the-top in their passion for the Supernatural books and yet smart and creative and full of gumption and it makes me so happy to think that the SPN powers-that-be (including the cast) see us like that!
It really is a very generous episode--in addition to being hilarious and heartwarming. <3
Have a favorite scene?

I have two - Safehouse, where Sam ends up holding Dean and stroking his hair (for various extremely obvious reasons, lol) and Fan Fiction, that moment where we see Sam and Dean listening to Carry on my Wayward Son in relation to themselves. We've always associated the song and the lyrics with them, but seeing Dean realise that they are perfectly describing their lives is both heart breaking and elating.

A line you find yourself constantly quoting?

Dude, you Fugly. Driver picks the music, shot gun shuts his cake hole. Parts of the speech from Yellow Fever.

Something that makes you laugh (or cry) every time?

Laugh - Yellow Fever Speech, because it just makes me howl, I have to rewind and listen at least four times. Cry - Dean talking to Sammy lying on that filthy mattress in All Hell Breaks Loose Part 2

An episode that you think everyone should watch at least once?

On the Head of a Pin because it perfectly shows Dean's struggle with his two sides. Yes, he got coerced and forced into the things he did in Hell, but he also worries that's who he's naturally meant to be. The look on his face as he's dousing the knife in front of Alistair is chilling.

This was fun, thank you ♥
I love that moment in "Safehouse"--and the one near the end of "The Werther Project", where Dean does the same thing to Sam. Oh yes. <3

"On the Head of a Pin" really is a masterpiece on every level--the story, the acting, the gorgeous cinematography...
It really should've, yeah. Not only flawlessly implemented, but also dealing with some pretty weighty topics.
Quotable Line: Whenever I'm in the car with my son and he complains about me being tuned into the classic rock station I say: (C'mon say it with me!) "Driver picks the music, shotgun..."
...and before I can complete the line, my son groans, does an epic eyeroll and says "You're not Dean, Mum!" (he says this very scathingly...)
And then I tell him that he's not Sam, but he can still shut his piehole about my music.
Of course, Supernatural has been going a long time now and these days my son has his drivers license too. As I'm sure you can guess, I now get 'the line' if he's driving and I complain about his taste in music! :D Of course, I tell him that he's not Dean...Dean has better taste in music! :D

Favourite Scene: There's been so much awesomeness over so many years, but one of my all-time favourite scenes will always be the beginning of Lazarus Rising, which Jensen absolutely knocks out of the park, without any dialogue at all. Spellbinding, every time. :)

And I confess that Fan Fiction makes me cry every time I watch it. Like...every time. :D
Hee--I love hearing about lines from the show that make it into daily living.

The opening scene from "Lazarus Rising" is amazing--another example of the show knocking it out of the park on every level: writing, acting, set design, camera work....
There are so many moments that I love and treasure and for all sorts of different reasons; things that me laugh, give me feels, scare me, make me cry, and I'm just not sure I can quantify them all!

I do quote 'driver picks the music...' quite often, and who hasn't worked 'assbutt' into a sentence at least one!!! :)

I think if you ask me what episode I've seen the most over the years it would be Devil's Trap (I do love Dean's line about how it scares him what he'd do for his family, and possessed John, and Sam not being able to kill his dad, and the impala crash - oh the family drama!) But the list gets longer every time I read others' people comments and I think, 'yeah, I'd forgot that one'!

One of the things I love hearing about is people's most rewatched episodes, because it really is different for everyone. While there's obviously some overlap, it's an astonishingly wide spread. As you say, it helps me appreciate things even more that I might otherwise overlook.
I have three episodes that I watch over and over again because they make me laugh & I would tell anyone to watch:
Dog Dean Afternoon
The French Mistake
Just My Imagination

I quote Dean's line a lot: Demons I get, people are crazy.

They have such great lines for each - Sam & Dean.

I love Sam where he tells the doctor that Satan is attempting to hang a pinata, but he's too short to reach the ceiling.

I love the sense of family & the brother's love for each other

Ha--I use that same quote fairly frequently (often in connection with the news, I must admit).

I love the sense of family & the brother's love for each other - This is definitely what caught my attention when I first came across the show back in s2, and it's why I'm still watching it now, in s13 (though a bit tardily). As long as it remains, I'll probably keep watching the show, regardless of anything else.
I was watching some vids yesterday with my kid that I think milly_gal posted and they used a lot of clips from the early seasons. There was one that featured a lot of the monsters from early on like the Scarecrow and the creepy clown thing. My kid has only seen a couple of the later episodes with Charlie and not anything too scary. She's older now and the scary stuff isn't so much a worry but she was surprised to see how the show really started out as one scary episode after another. They did a good job with the show of working in all the things we imagine go bump in the night. The early desaturated colors of film worked so well for the gothic nature of those episodes. The later seasons have their own good flavor too but it was cool to go back and think on some of the early horror they did so well.
Yeah, they did some amazing things with atmosphere in the first two seasons--and I always get a bit of a thrill when they give us a throwback to that style, even now: "The Big Empty", "The Memory Remains", "Plush"--just to name a few examples from recent years. But s1 in particular really was like a new horror mini-movie every week.
There are lots of amazing brother moments in the early seasons, I think we all know that so I'm, going to share a few of my favorites from the most recent seasons.
*s11e04's Baby - Gave us that scene of the boys in the having a deep(ish) conversation and then sleeping in the car. And I can't put into words how much I love it. How much it makes me smile to know that they can and do share those kinds of moments when they are feeling safe in their true home.
*s11e?? Into The Mystic - Gave us the scene at the end that basically sums up the basis of the show, and coincidentally the thing that makes my heart sing about this show "All that Matters is that We're Together".
*s12e18 The Memory Remains - Gave us that beautiful scene of the boys carving their initials into the bunker table as a way of leaving a 'legacy' and it was such a lovely thing. Made even more touching by the way it was juxtaposed with them as children carving their initials into the Impala's (their true home) door which I took as a sign that as much as things have changed for the boys through the years, somethings never change.
There are more, but I'm going to stop for now.
(it's s11e11, btw)

Oh yes, all glorious examples of the brotherly bond, and I love them all dearly. <3
The objectively best episode is 4.16 - On the Head of a Pin. It's like a movie; pure action from the first second to the last. Not a single scene is filler. All meat, no fat.
That seems to be a pretty consistent answer I'm getting, yeah, and one I agree with. It's a painful episode, to be sure, but beautifully executed.