Things I love about SPN s11

  1. Guys, I really really REALLY love this season. Just ... so much. If s10 is what won me over again, s11 is what got me to settle in for the long haul. It's pretty much dead even with s2 as my favorite, and that's quite a feat.

  2. There are so many episode that I've rewatched a lot. "Baby", obviously, but also the opening two-parter, and "Thin Lizzie", and "Plush", "Just My Imagination", "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" "The Devil's in the Details", "Don't You Forget About Me", "Love Hurts", "The Vessel", "Beyond the Mat", "Safe House", "Red Meat", "Don't Call Me Shurley" ... really, every episode has at least a couple of scenes that I've found myself returning to. Man--just a stellar season all around.

  3. I love how much Sam and Dean communicate with each other this season--sure, they both hesitate, or keep secrets for a few episodes, but they also voluntarily share those secrets. When Sam's struggling, Dean's there to shore him up--when it's Dean's turn to struggle, Sam's ready to support him as needed. They're just such a solid team, it's a joy to watch.

  4. Episodes like "Baby" and "The Vessel" showcase the versatility the show's capable of, despite the small budget and tight shooting schedule. Camerawork on the one hand, and set-building on the other. Both are absolutely gorgeous in addition to being excellently-written (and acted) stories.

  5. The debut of "Shaving People, Punting Things" was also a real treat, especially given how very misguided the network promos for the show have been at times. Here are my two favorites from s11:

  6. Emily Swallow as Amara was excellent--she took what could have been a disappointing downgrade from the mysterious "Darkness" of the previous season and turned the character into someone worthy of both fear and compassion. And I have to give her extra points for playing the role of the Amara-shaped qareen in such a way that it was very clearly not Amara, just something that looked like her.

  7. Dean solving the season's Problem by simply talking to Amara was great--such a neat way to change up the usual season finale showdow.

  8. Seriously, I could go point by point through each episode and bore you all to tears, but there are so many scenes that I love in the season, but--Sam and Dean in jammies, Sam and Dean singing in the car again (for the sheer joy of it, this time), Dean's little joking callback to s9 about how Sam's no longer a virgin, the writers finding a way to finally putting to rest the ghosts of early s8, just about everying in "The Vessel" (Dean resorting to beer for breakfast because there's nothing else to drink except water! <3 ), and I'm going to stop there because otherwise I'll just keep going on and on....

  9. Really though, this season just makes me so happy. Its existance feels almost like a gift.

What are your favorite parts of s11?
Season 11 was the best season since the Kripke era! Just about every story had the brother connection we crave, and there were so many great one-shot characters--seriously, there was such depth to the little roles that made each episode special. Soemthing that really got me was how, in 'Red Meat,' 11 season in--when it looked like Sam was dead--even though it was 'again'--I was actually afraid! And I thought Amara's story unfolded at a good pace, unlike the season arcs some years...and she wasn't just a villain, she had a story and while she did awful things it was possible to see why she was doing them, it wasn't just because she was evil. And Chuck--and the episode with Metatron and Chuck--how the show managed to take Metatron, the villain I hated the most in the ENTIRE series and make him a sympathetic character (I miss Robbie Thompson!!!) And the climactic resolution of Dean talking to her was so perfect!

To b perfectly honest, the fact that season 11 was so good made the unevenness of season 12 so much harder to accept...
Oh yes--what they did with Metatron was fabulous. They didn't turn him into something he wasn't, but they still found a way to allow him to grow and even redeem himself a little. Great stuff.

And--next week we'll be celebrating s12, because there is a lot there that's worthy of celebration. Which is the whole point of these posts--to shake myself (ourselves?) out of the negative rut of looking only at the flaws, and instead focus on all the good stuff instead.
Season 11 as a whole really made me proud of the show, but I think my favourite thing was actually all the parties involved, good bad and slightly dodgy, working as one. It was just so epic!
Oh yes--the "all hands on deck" aspect of the closing mini-arc was great. Helped really sell the scope of the impending disaster, too.
This season was such a highlight for me, and I guess the most memorable episodes were Baby, Just my Imagination and Red Meat, but like you said there were so many strong episodes and moments. I must admit that I loved Sully and the Zanna. It was great to be reminded that all motw are evil, and that some are good, and the humour and insight into he boys was wonderful (also I really enjoyed Richard's directing). Baby is unforgettable in every way, and what can I can about Red Meat other than the h/c lover in me loved every second of it, and of course Billie too. Yes, I'm going to have to stop now before I bore us both :)
It's a real problem, isn't it? :P But there really is so much good stuff in s11 it's kind of overwhelming.

One of the things I forgot to mention is that I loved all the new monsters we got--Sully and the Zanna, of course, but also the nachtzehrer and the banshee and the soul eater and the qareen and the bisaan (chitters). Six new monsters, eleven seasons in! That's pretty dang impressive.
There were bits and pieces of 11 that I really dug! Baby, the rare peek we got into Sam's childhood, and I think it was the last season we got a hug between Sam and Dean? So yeah, a few good things. :)

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Hey now, we got two hugs in s12. But the one at the end of s11 was also good--just more angsty. And with flower petals. ;)
I never wanted to be a flower petal SO MUCH as I did in Season 11, heh...

Clearly, I have a terribly memory for hugs! I found one of the hugs in S12 (episode 12.22, the boys and Mary); when was the other one? (Or do you mean the Sam and Mary hug?)