Fanfic ask meme

Borrowed (yet again) from zmediaoutlet: go ahead and comment with the title of one of my fics (LJ/AO3) and up to 3 of the following questions, and I'll do my best to answer:

  1. What inspired you to write the fic this way?

  2. What scene did you first put down?

  3. What's your favorite line of narration?

  4. What's your favorite line of dialogue?

  5. What part was hardest to write?

  6. What makes this fic special or different from all your other fics?

  7. Where did the title come from?

  8. Did any real people or events inspire any part of it?

  9. Were there any alternate versions of this fic?

  10. Why did you choose this pairing for this particular story?

  11. What do you like best about this fic?

  12. What do you like least about this fic?

  13. What music did you listen to, if any, to get in the mood for writing this story? Or if you didn't listen to anything, what do you think readers should listen to accompany us while reading?

  14. Is there anything you wanted readers to learn from reading this fic?

  15. What did you learn from writing this fic?


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zmediaoutlet: #3 for 'Ship in Harbor'; #11 & 12 for 'For the Relief of...'; #9 for 'Lost and Found'
What's your favorite line of narration for 'Ship in Harbor'?

Ugh. It's very tempting to just say "the whole thing", because I really like how it turned out, but--the ending all ropes eventually must succumb to a knife ties in pretty well with both the title and the opening section: Sam could drown in the cornfields, he thinks sometimes. Just walk in and never come out and no one would ever notice. Some days Dean's the only tether keeping him from drifting away out into the endless sea of green.
What do you like best/least about "For the Relief of Various Symptoms"?

I'll start with least: the bit of dialog while they're waiting at the checkout counter feels like it needs to be fleshed out more, but everything I tried to add sounded dumb, so I wound up stuck with it as is. And it's not bad, just feels ... incomplete.

Best? Probably that from the audience reaction, I managed to do exactly what I set out to do--which was to fill your prompt and write them as believable male adults dealing with an incidental illness. (Also--I have a deep childhood fondness for Happy Harry's, so it was fun to have an excuse to use it instead of some generic pharmacy.)
Were there any alternate versions of "Lost and Found"?

Actually, no. Once I realized that Persephone was Hera's niece (twice over), the opening line presented itself to me almost immediately, and the rest of it unspooled rapidly off of that. Doesn't happen often, but it's always a pleasure when it does.

A rather boring answer, I fear.
As always I'm as useful and helpful as a chocolate teapot, but answer me one you're dying to talk about. A fic that rarely gets asked about :)
What makes "Falls the Night" special or different from all your other fics?

It's one of the vanishingly few fanfics that I've completed despite knowing there was absolutely no interest in it outside myself. It's about a character who gets killed off before the end of the source material's 2-part pilot episode, there are some bits that probably don't make sense to anyone but me, and the whole thing really happened only because I kept writing variations of the same scene and liked them all too much to get rid of them, even though none of them were quite right. It also sat for at least five years waiting for its last page to get written, and I'm still slightly astounded that it even got finished at all.

I know it's not the best thing I've written--and I don't know why I felt such a need to write it in the first place--but I dearly love it.
It's not the *best* things we love most, it's the ones that talk to us long after we've written the final word, or that make us realise something about ourselves, or even that just make us weep/smile uncontrollably. It's not about technique and good or bad, it's about enjoyment.