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drabble: Flights of Fancy (for Kriadydragon)

For kriadydragon's prompt: Flights of Fancy - involving magic and/or flying. I still have four three drabbles up for grabs - feel free to ask for one, even if you've already participated in the meme.


Flights of Fancy

John, at age nine, spends long summer hours lying on his back in the shade-dappled yard. Between the leaves of the maple trees, the sky looks very blue and far away. He can almost imagine that the birds flying past are actually swimming, and that he's looking down instead of up.

Almost. Could, if not for the weight of the earth against his shoulders and the inevitable grass-stains.

His mother takes him to the lake sometimes. The water there is clear-grey, not blue, but he swims and pretends that he’s flying; watches the fish swim underneath the dock and daydreams.
Tags: all fiction, drabbles, fanfiction, stargate

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