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Review: Don't Starve

So, last month I was thoroughly enjoying Slime Rancher--and I still enjoy it; it's a fun game. But it's also somewhat limited. I've reached the point in the game where all that's left to do is collect extraneous "treasure pods", grind through optimising the landscape, and run back and forth between the slime pens taking care of them. Which can be fairly relaxing, I'll admit, but I've thoroughly beaten the game at this point, and there's not much new for me to take on unless/until the developers produce another update. (Which--I got through the last one in about 4 days; it was fun, but not difficult to grind through.)

This month I've fallen into the endless pit that is DON'T STARVE.

I love the visual style of this; I love the randomly-generated worlds to explore, and the option for different characters with their own strengths and weaknesses; I love the change of seasons (well, not when I got caught out by winter this last time, but I'd never gotten that far before and so didn't know how to properly prepare; I sure do now); I love the complete flexibility to choose and implement whatever strategy seems best to you, up to almost completely remaking your surrounding environment; I love that you can never become complacent because that means you die.

I don't love the hounds. Or the tree guardians. I do love that I have the option of turning them off entirely. The ability to pick your world parameters at the start is great.

Also: I love that my family had an extended conversation about the premise of the game and how appropriate it is for Thanksgiving--it's definitely giving me a very small taste for what it would've been like to sail across the ocean and try to set up a society from scratch.

Anyhow, if you like survival/crafting games, this is definitely worth checking out.
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