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Fanfic preferences meme

via zmediaoutlet:

  • are you a ‘canon divergence’ or ‘au’ kind of person? - Canon divergence--I read so many HP canon divergence fics in college it's kind of ridiculous. That type of 'what if' story is fascinating. (My favorite instance of this might be Physical Graffiti, in which we get a somewhat different route through s6-7 of SPN.)

  • a ‘one shot’ or a ‘loooooong fic’ kind of person? - If loooooong fics were better written, I'd probably be more inclined in that direction--but the pacing usually sucks, and the story almost always peters out by the end, so ... substantial one shots where the story and length actually match.

  • a ‘canon is canon’ or a ‘screw canon i’ve got fanon’ kind of person? - Canon is canon is canon. I usually find fanon boring/annoying in comparison. With the possible exception of cases where the source material has a promising but thoroughly squandered premise (not going to name any names, but longstanding LJ friends can probably guess...)--but then, my dad teaches discourse analysis. But really, I think it's that when fic interacts closely with canon, the writer is less likely to fall into self-indulgence.

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