(not sure what's up with the blurriness towards the top)

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  • Red giant

  • SPACE!

    The background was a beautiful deep purple-blue, but you're just going to have to imagine it.

  • So much Subnautica, guys

    Here the background blue got stripped out. I think the scanner's trying to be clever but is actually being stupid.

Is the blurriness the photograph or the pencil? I love it, too cute, as always, but your little tortoise carrying the bird up the cliff is super sweet.
It's ballpoint, so it's not the picture--but when I tried scanning it a second time, it came out the same way, so I'm baffled.

Huh, well it could be a blind spot on your scanner, try pulling the drawing down a touch, maybe two mil, and see if that makes a difference.
Well, I did it on two completely separate days, so it wasn't in the exact same position the second time--which is part of what makes it so baffling. But unless it starts happening with other images I'm not going to worry about it.