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Fic author interview

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1. What inspires your work most? (The show it is based on, the actor who portrays a certain character, maybe the character itself…? It could even be an experience.) Man, that's really hard to say. Each fic kind of does its own thing, really (hence the existence of Falls the Night), but maybe it's about the idea--and whether it can be worked out in a way that's consonant with the characters and source material. Or something. I dunno. If I knew, I'd probably be able to write more and faster.

2. What is your favorite fandom to write for? Much fun as I've had with SGA and SPN, probably the very, very old school stuff--mythology and classic texts like The Song of Roland and Shakespeare and all. I don't write that sort of thing as often mostly because I don't have the same sort of feedback as I get with the modern fandoms--and, to be honest, it's been a while since I've read my Bulfinch.

3. Which perspective do you prefer writing in? (First-person, third-person) Ah--an easy question. Third, quite definitely. First person is clumsy with the pronouns and second is just odd.

4. Do you prefer writing reader fics or OCs? Uh, OCs, I guess. But if the original characters get too much focus you might as well turn it into an original fic, y'know. (And reader fics just rub me the wrong way.)

5. Do you prefer writing longer works or one shots? Well, a quick survey of my completed fics shows that regardless of my preferences, one shots are apparently all I can do. :P

6. Do you take requests? Sure--I'm just finishing up a round of prompt fics. But only when solicited, y'know? A direct message with a fic prompt out of the blue would probably be met with raised eyebrows and the "delete" button unless it was something that instantly charmed me. I have too many long-sufffering WIPs as it is.

7. Do you enjoy getting random messages? Uh, depends on the messages? Doesn't happen enough for me to have Thoughts on it, really.

8. What inspires the names for OCs (or extra character names) in your works? Do you pick them from real life or just select them at random? A mix? Unless a name presents itself, I usually wind up resorting to "popular baby names" lists for the relevant time/place.

9. If your story(ies) have OCs, are their appearances based on real people or celebrities? If so, who? I tend to leave appearances vague--let the reader do their own personalized mental casting.

10. How long have you been writing fanfiction? One of my earliest completed stories was an RPF piece about Thomas Jefferson that I wrote in middle school. But writing just for fun... still middle school, some superhero thing, I think. And there was that Star Wars ripoff. :P
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