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Review: Georgette Heyer; SPN 13.04

So... I've fallen pretty hard for Georgette Heyer. I'll probably wind up writing about some of her titles individually, but for now, here's a brief list of what I find so enjoyable about her writing.

  • It's usually not really about the romance. Or rather--it's as much about the surrounding family situations as it is about the two halves of the couple.

  • In some cases, the romance is mostly just part of the premise for a mystery or adventure or something else entirely--or is nearly an afterthought.

  • Granted, I'm only 9 books in, but so far she's managed to avoid duplicating her main characters. They're all distinct.

  • Sometimes the main POV is the girl, sometimes it's the guy, sometimes it gets shared fairly evenly--there's definitely variation here as well.

  • Most of her books that I've read so far are genuinely funny. The next-to-last one that I read had me giggling every couple of pages.

  • All of the stories are firmly embedded in some particular time and place--slang, cultural references, the daily logistics of living, social structures, etc. These factors affect how events unfold, and if altered, would also alter the shape of the story.

  • ...I could keep going, but I said this was going to be brief.

Anyhow--if I had to make a comparison, I'd probably point to Jane Austin's "Northanger Abbey", minus all the meta bits, and with a bit more activity, plot-wise. Definitely worth looking at if you're looking for something that's just plan fun to read.

Things I liked about SPN 13.04, "The Big Empty":

  1. I was right last episode, and Dean has indeed softened significantly to Jack--though the getting there was a bit painful. I'll admit to skimming through a couple of scenes while cringing hard because it hurts to see Dean that upset and lashing out.

  2. That being said, the bits I managed to watch were well-written and well-acted, and necessary to get everyone back on the same page (more or less).

  3. So glad they're continuing to stick pretty much with the old-school skin-shedding shapeshifters. The insta-change ones in "Bloodlines" just didn't have the same effect. Like peeling their own faces off, goodness.

  4. Throughout the "Kelly" scene, I was very conscious that she was actually Mia underneath--a very lovely bit of subtle acting, there

  5. The Dean/black, Sam/gray, Jack/white costuming.

  6. The scenes of Cas just wandering around in the Empty were so visually striking. I loved them.

  7. Jack's smile after Dean praised him at the end of the episode

  8. The way Dean hands Sam the beer bottle at the end of the episode--it speaks to deep, casual intimacy.

  9. (There would be more, but I waited too late in the evening and am now flaling asleep on my keyboard.)

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