Supernatural ask meme

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  1. Favorite male character

  2. Favorite female character

  3. Favorite actor

  4. Favorite actress

  5. Favorite episode

  6. Favorite quote

  7. Favorite season

  8. OTP

  9. NOTP

  10. BROTP

  11. Favorite demon

  12. Favorite angel

  13. Favorite monster

  14. How did you discover Supernatural?

  15. Have you ever been to a con?

  16. Choose between two characters

  17. Choose between two ships

  18. Top 5 characters

  19. Top 5 ships

  20. Top 5 angels

  21. Top 5 demons

  22. Top 5 monsters

  23. Favorite fanfic

  24. Most hated character

  25. Favorite villain

  26. Character you think you're most alike

  27. Dream crossover

  28. Character death that you're not over yet

  29. Most layered character

  30. Character you have a crush on

  31. Actor/Actress you have a crush on

  32. Scariest moment

  33. Favorite moment

  34. Funniest moment

  35. Saddest moment

  36. Most beautiful scene

  37. Unanswered questions

  38. Couple you’d like to become canon

  39. Actor/Actress you’d like to see on the show

  40. Do you own anything related to the show?

  41. Do you have any tattoos related to the show?

  42. Most boring plotline?

  43. Your less favorite season

  44. Best-done character death

  45. Best-done character development

  46. Character you wish you could bring back

  47. One thing you really hope will happen

  48. Favorite relationship

  49. Top 3 crack ships

  50. Characters you wish would meet/had met

  51. Demon!Dean or MoC!Dean?

  52. Soulless!Sam or BoyKing!Sam?

  53. Jimmy Novak or Emmanuel?

  54. Godstiel or Casifer?

  55. Crowley or Lucifer?

  56. Did you join Tumblr/LJ because of the show?

  57. Did you watch the show because of Tumblr/LJ?

  58. What characters from other shows would you like to see on Supernatural?

  59. Do you still like the show?

  60. Did Supernatural really ruin your social life?

  61. Is your blog just about Supernatural?

  62. Do you have cast members you don’t really like?

  63. Characters that deserved better

  64. Are you excited about s13?

  65. Early seasons or the recent ones?

  66. Top 10 Supernatural blogs on Tumblr/LJ that you really love

  67. 5 things you love most about [insert character’s name here]

  68. Human!Cas or Angel!Cas?

  69. Who would you like to play human!impala?

  70. Did Supernatural change your life in any way?

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1. Favorite male character - SamandDean, and don't tell me that's cheating, because I'm totally calling the soulmates clause.

2. Favorite female character - Donna, because she is genuinely a cheerful person and doesn't have a dark and tragic past, just a jerk ex-husband who she knows is a jerk and is mostly putting behind her.

34. Funniest moment - Uh. This isn't a fair question. If we're talking a single moment, probably that cut in "Mystery Spot" from "does this taco taste funny to you?" to Sam waking up again. If we're talking an episode as a whole, probably "Ask Jeeves", especially all the stuff with Sam and the cougars. But man--there's so many moments that make me laugh in this show. Dean informing Jody that he killed Hitler, for instance. Ask me again in a week and you might get a different answer. (No, wait--funniest episode: "Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie". I can quote nearly the entire thing.)

35. Saddest moment - The end of "The Purge", when Sam pulls out Dean's heart, stomps on it, and grinds it into the floor.