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Review: SPN 13.03

Given all the hysterics over this episode, I should perhaps remind people that my philosophy, especially when it comes to SPN, is the following:

13 Things I Enjoyed about 13.03, "Patience"

  1. A truly horrifying cold open scene

  2. The glimpse of Dean with his music and empty bottles

  3. Jack feeling the wall of his room--I got the scenes not of him being trapped, but almost rather testing to make certain of its security

  4. Dean's fear of losing Jody on top of everyone else

  5. Missouri standing her ground with the wraith

  6. Sam thinking to give Jack the message from Kelly--I was a little worried that would wind up a dropped detail from the previous season

  7. Sam's ridiculous and marvelous "Drama of the Gifted Child"

  8. Jack hiding in the corner like a scared child or small animal

  9. Sam realizing that he's pushing Jack too much

  10. That Patience's nerdy-looking friend is actually the jock in their friendship

  11. Lovely camera work and lighting throughout the episode, especially the Jack/bunker scenes

  12. Dean and Sam's fight--they both have somewhat valid points. Though I suspect if Sam had led off with making a division between Jack and Jack's power, he might have gotten farther with Dean. I suspect Dean will be won over in somewhat short order once he's actually spending time with Jack; he was halfway there at the end of the previous episode, but Sam pushing at him put him on the defensive again. This doesn't feel like a relationship-damaging disagreement, just the kind of thing that is bound to happen from time to time, given how differently they react to things

  13. The void around Cas was more visually effective than I anticipated

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