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Fic recs: Zmediaoutlet

So, my good friend zmediaoutlet writes pretty much the best Sam & Dean, but since it tends to get overshadowed by her (also the best) Sam/Dean stuff, I though it would be nice to have a little celebration of all her gen (or very nearly gen) fics:

In the Bleak Midwinter - Dean wants to talk about what could have been. - A conversation that might've, should've occurred during the bitter 'break-up' time of season 9. Like the show at its best, this uses the monster-of-the-week to put Sam and Dean in a position to have a hard conversation, and also reflects some aspect of their current issue.

Whiskey's Quicker - Dean's not going to be able to keep his promise. Well, what else is new. - Yeah, so, this one is very ouch, but also very plausible. And it's why I would've been outright angry had the show ended with the s5 finale.

Milk Carton Kids series - Mary Winchester loved folk music--pretty harmonies, nice guitar, lyrics you could sing to. John wasn't much of a fan, but he'd gone through the war, come back to a country that loved something acoustic, with a message. - You know me, I like interstitial moments, and here's an entire series of them. Definitely on the "bitter" end of bittersweet. Spans pre-series through season 5.

event horizon - Amara said, you gave me what I needed most. I want to do the same for you. Amara, who is defined as empty absence, recreated life. It goes as well as can be expected. - An example of how you can use limited third person POV to brilliant effect. Also, a nice bit of horror, of the sort that would be much harder to accomplish through film instead of words. (AKA: the 'horror pie' fic)

petting (literally) - Sam doesn't mind his hair being played with; Dean loves it. - The very definition of 'sweet'. <3

by and down - May 10, 1995. John comes home from a hunt. - A rare instance of a John that's identifiable from canon; a glimpse of what things might have been like for him during Sam and Dean's childhood.

the choir of principalities - The Archangel Michael meets Dean. - A nifty attempt to convey Michael's POV.

concessions - Dean is allergic to cats. He's able to make an exception. - The very definition of fluff. I love it dearly. (And this is why I wrote Sam + Dean + cougar instead of Sam + Dean + kitty a little while ago; if I'd written the kitty version, it would've just been me cribbing off of this.)

In a Cursed Hour - Abaddon never possesses Josie Sands; Henry Winchester doesn't have to time travel; Sam and Dean grow up under rather different circumstances. - Disclaimer: I'm helping to write this, but emphasis on 'helping'.

la cocina es el centro de la casa - One summer, Dean and Sam get left behind when their dad goes on a hunt in Southern Arizona. - To quote the author's note: "Because Dean knows how to make tamales, and likes telenovelas, and Brat said BTW, if you ever want to write a snippet of Dean learning to make tamales, I will be quite happy, and it's her birthday."

For the record, I was indeed quite happy.
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