Brat Farrar (bratfarrar) wrote,
Brat Farrar

A writing meme, the ashamed edition

via zmediaoutlet:

  1. What are some writing tics that persist in your work but that you dislike?

  2. What does your id want? Do you ever give in?

  3. You have to erase one of your fics from existence forever. Which one and why?

  4. How much do you trust the reader?

  5. Have you ever written anything you would’ve backclicked if it’d been written by anyone else?

  6. What’s your guilty pleasure as a writer?

  7. Be honest: are you mean to your faves, or do you go easy on them?

  8. What parts of writing a fic do you think are a chore?

  9. Are there any unintentional trends in your writing?

  10. Have you ever intentionally written a character as OOC to fit with a kink/prompt/story idea?

Tags: meme/poll, writing about writing

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