Blind and Mute

for zmediaoulet, although it took me a little while to find a really good batch of caps with the eyes/mouth cropped out or hidden.

Each picture links to a separate batch of screen caps.

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As always you have a fabulous eye for the not so prominent but never the less beautiful and well crafted shots ♥
Aw, thankee--I do strive to highlight the moments that get overlooked by the usual crew of edit/gif-makers.
A very interesting picspam--made me go 'huh' a lot at the way the images made me react.

Not very many in years 5-8--did the visual look of the show change that much, that those kinds of mysterious images that were more present in yrs 1 & 2 stopped being filmed? Or was it that you didn't have time to comb for them as much? Just curious.
I must admit, I tightened my filter of what qualified because otherwise it was going to take forever, and also, I reread the request and realized it wasn't what I'd originally interpreted. There are a number of face-partly-obscured moments that don't really fit the prompt (although they're still quite nifty).