Brat Farrar (bratfarrar) wrote,
Brat Farrar

Eh, why not

via zmediaoutlet, an odd little meme:

  • where you live - Not gonna name the town, but about an hour north of Philadelphia, where farm country and the suburbs meet

  • the language you speak most often - 99% English; occasional French and Latin phrases

  • what you call a tiny, overpriced grocery store on a street corner where you go when you just need a carton of milk or a candy bar or something - Convenience store, although around here they're rarely a standalone. So you've got Wawa, which is gas/convenience or CVS, which is pharmacy/convenience, or local delis which also sell a smattering of things that just aren't worth making a separate trip out for (like, I just bought batteries with my lunch earlier this week). There are still a few old-style Wawas and 7-Elevens that are purely convenience shops, but all the new ones being built follow the hybrid model. (And they're mostly Wawas. Wawa is wonderful. Wawa is life. Everyone around here loves Wawa.)

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