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These are so gorgeous. <3333 I ADORE that scene with Rowena at the end of that episode. And oh man, in that second clip there's a bar exactly like that, placed exactly like that, in my town. It's right by the train station. I will now just pretend that that one, too, is a SPN location.

Thank you for these!
You are very welcome! It was fun to pull together--although there are definitely a few where I went "is this really 'urban'?" 12 years in and they still obviously prefer more rural/suburban settings to proper cities.
For all I know the show, I could barely identify any of these eps...bad me...
Well, these are pretty much the background establishing shots--maybe 2 seconds on screen, for most of them. That's one of the things I love about doing this whole ongoing screen shot project--it helps me see the show in a completely different light, and notice all these details that are lost in the actual motion of the show.