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Very cool, to see all the moods of our show...I could identify about a third of them except for season 12, which I just finished rewatching so knew all but one of those!
It was a lot of fun to compile, and might actually be my favorite set so far, because it covers such a wide range of visual styles and effects. And is very pretty, to boot. <3
I can't EVEN!!! I seriously can't even, my god you have found some amazing wide angle shots. I LOVE the wide angle ones because they just show the scope, intensity and BEAUTY of this show!! ♥ Thank you ♥♥♥ Favorite has to be the third one down, what a shot!
I may just have shared a link to here because I know lots of the girls love the cinematography of the show.
These are amazing! One of the things I like about shots like this is that it forces you to look at the beauty, rather than get caught in the movement and story. Sometimes makes me see things in a whole new way.
That's one of the things I've found myself really appreciating about the whole endeavor--some of the (relatively few) episodes I didn't enjoy from a story perspective have proven to be treasure troves of gorgeous screen caps.
These are gorgeous, our show does these wide shots so very well. Thanks for sharing :)