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Supernatural meme

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  1. what season did you start watching supernatural? Watched and enjoyed about 6 episodes from s2 while I was in college, but then my crappy laptop at the time decided it hated the CW website, so I kind of lost track of the show. Rediscovered it towards the end of s9, and fell back in love with it because of episode 10.06, "Ask Jeeves".

  2. who was the first character you fell in love with? ...Sort of Dean? Maybe? But they're so solidly Sam&Dean at this point that it doesn't matter.

  3. who was a character that you hated at first but grew to love? Hm. I actually can't think of any, as when I 'hate' a character it's usually because they're annoying/dead boring. I was very ambilvalent about Claire in her first two episodes, but kind of like her now, I guess.

  4. which character would you most want to be in a long-term relationship with? Uh. Donna's deputy Doug seems like a decent guy, I guess. I could imagine having a family with him, maybe. But I don't really consume my fiction with that mindset, so I don't know.

  5. if you could go on just one date with one character, which one would you choose? One date? Probably Dean. We could go eat diner food together and then he could beat me soundly at mini-golf.

  6. what would you do on the date? :points to previous answer: Mostly he just seems like someone who could be fun to hang out with. I like hearing guys talk about stuff that interests them, and I get a kick out of watching people who are good at doing whatever it is they're doing. Also, I usually wind up laughing at the jokes that Sam bitchfaces at.

  7. which character would you most want to be like? Erm. Jody's pretty rad, I guess.

  8. which character would you most like to see brought back from the dead? Frank would be fun. Probably him. No idea how he'd fit into anything, but he has such a fun dynamic with Dean that it would be a blast to watch.

  9. which character would you most like to punch? Recently? Castiel for letting Lucifer ride him out of the cage, and then Crowley for keeping Lucifer from getting shoved back into the cage. Geeze, guys. Way to screw things up for everyone, just for the sake of ego/self-esteem. From past seasons, probably Zachariah. Dean stabbing him in the face was pretty satisfying.

  10. who is your absolute favorite character? Sam&Dean! Can't have one without the other.

  11. which “big bad” do you think was the worst? Dick Roman probably came the closest to successfully taking over the world; Alastair and Azazel both made my skin crawl.

  12. which character are you most like? Given how much I've done for my little sister over the years, Dean definitely resonates. But I spend my time much more like Sam: I work in a library, have an ever-expanding set of internet skills, and have the need-jerk reaction of looking up the answer to any question asked in my vicinity.

  13. what death hit you the hardest? Ellen and Jo were pretty devistating. Dean's death at the end of s3--and at the end of s10. I dunno. There are too many deaths to pick from.

  14. what season finale hit you the hardest? ...Confession: I'm pretty much always underwhelmed by the season finales, as I go in emotionally-disengaged in preparation for having to wait months and months until the next season starts. Also, I don't watch for the season arcs, so I'm usually a bit 'eh' about that aspect of each finale. However. s9, I suspect. Sam's grim devistation, Dean's black eyes--good stuff.

  15. what are your ten all-time favorite episodes? Going solely off the ones I've watched most frequently: Hell House, Ask Jeeves, Baby, Hollywood Babylon, About a Boy, Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie, The Werther Project, Dream a Little Dream, The Memory Remains, Love Hurts. Oh, and Monster Movie, because that's perfection.

  16. what’s been your favorite season? It's pretty much even between s2 and s11--both have a huge string of episodes that I can just rewatch at the drop of a hat, as well as being absolutely beautifully shot.

  17. who is your favorite angel? Naomi, maybe--the reveal of how she was manipulating Cas was so well done, and she was a truly gray figure. Or possibly Metatron, for always being interesting.

  18. who’s your favorite demon? Other than Crowley? The guy from "Our Little World" who Crowley had put on the apron and play nanny to Amara.

  19. who’s your favorite evil character? Alistair, probably--he's really hard to watch, but so well done.

  20. do you have any supernatural ships? Sam/Dean, I guess--mostly just from desperation for good fic about them. Crack!ship is Lisa Braeden/Don Richardson.

  21. who’s your favorite supporting actor? Actor? Um. Rob Benedict, maybe? He seems to be a sweetheart and he gave us the delight which is the Tough Mudder compilation.

  22. what’s your favorite quote from the show? "These kids today with their texting and murder." I mean, there are some really good ones--even profound ones, but that's the one that I find myself actually quoting.

  23. if you could cast one famous actor in an episode of spn, who would you chose? ...Kenneth Branagh--as one of the "old men" referred to by various BMoL.

  24. if you could write your own episode, what kind of creature would you like to see included? The hidebehind, maybe--just to see how they could have fun shooting an episode where the monster is never seen.

  25. who’s your favorite girl that dean’s hooked up with? Jamie, from "Monster Movie"--she's a good match for Dean. (Favorite girl he doesn't get to hook up with: Melanie, from "The Mentalists")

  26. who’s your favorite girl that sam’s hooked up with? Ruby--so well done.

  27. what are some of your favorite convention moments? J2's "ordering a pizza" bit, and of course, the hotel story. :D

  28. if you were going to guest star (or be a recurring guest star) on spn, how would you want your character described? Uh. I dunno. A useful side-character who doesn't get in the way of the story, I guess. Research help, probably.

  29. what do you hope to see in the next season? Uh. More MotW episodes? Which is my hope every season. Beyond that, I'm just interested to see what they do with Jack, indifferent to "Wayward Sisters", and hoping that things are more focused on Sam and Dean instead of the side characters (which is not a complaint about s12! just--it would be nice)

  30. if you had to choose…

    • bobby or john? John

    • bela or ruby? Ruby

    • jess or madison? Jess

    • jo or lisa? Lisa

    • charlie or kevin? Charlie

    • balthazar or ash? Ash

    • cas or crowley? Crowley

    • ben or claire? Claire

    • jody or donna? Jody, just because we seem to get more domestic/familial moments when the boys are around her. Donna's fun, but definitely just a work-friend

    • sam or dean? Yes.

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