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5 things meme

Via zmediaoutlet/deadlybride. This is the sort of meme where I think "oh, this looks fun", and then realize as I start filling out the answers how boring I am. I am so boring, guys.

5 Things You Will Find In My Bag:

  1. The red leather wallet my mom and I went and got at some furniture store when I was 15 or so. It's probably going to die in a couple of years, but none of the replacements I've tried fit so neatly in my pocket

  2. The old flip phone my former boss gave me after she got an upgrade and my old brick phone from high school died

  3. An old contacts case containing ibuprofen

  4. Something to write/draw in

  5. Something to write/draw with

5 Things You Will Find In My Bedroom:

  1. The platform bed that was my parents' wedding present

  2. Bookcases my dad and I built together one summer (and a couple from Ikea that were merely assembled)

  3. The stained-glass applique on my window that everyone does a double-take over the first time they see it. Yes, it's vinyl. I don't have that much spare change lying around to buy the real deal

  4. Mirror ball and prism also in the window because they make such pretty patterns on the ceiling in the afternoon sunlight

  5. 6 kaleidoscopes because when I tell people I don't want to collect something, I'm fine with just one of the thing, people nod and then keep buying them for me anyway. And hey, in this case it's cool, because kaleidoscopes are cool

5 Things I Have Always Wanted To Do:

  1. Quit my job. Which makes it sound awful, but it's not--I like the people I work with, I like my office (aside from the fact that it's always freezing), and the stuff I'm doing is fine, I just hate how a 9-5 job kills my writing/creating mojo. Also, there are other things I'd kind of prefer to be doing at this point in my life. But hey: it pays for stuff and makes my financial advisor happy

  2. Road trip around Pennsylvania. It's a big(ish) state and I've spent very little time outside the south-east corner. It would be fun to just ... investigate. Get to know the rest of it

  3. Road trip around the US, for the same reason

  4. Write a novel. If only just to prove to myself that I really can write stuff that's more than 5,000 words long. Well, and also, I do have a couple ideas that would be nice to fully explore

  5. This is probably going to sound weird, but: provide cousins for my sister's kids, because the two of us grew up without any our age and we both used to envy our friends who had a bunch of them to play with at family get togethers

5 Things That Make Me Happy:

  1. Rainbows on my ceiling

  2. Hanging out with the nieces, even though they're exhausting

  3. Farm country. Give me some rolling corn fields surrounded by trees and I'm just ... <3

  4. Unplugged afternoons. Which I'm really bad at accomplishing, but are wonderful when they happen

  5. Choral singing--assuming that the music is good, of course :P

5 Things I’m Currently Into:

  1. Uh. This is where the "I'm boring" really kicks in, because this list doesn't update much. Hm. Supernatural, obviously.

  2. Steeleye Span. Need to get another couple of their albums because I keep listening to ripped copies on Youtube at work and then feel vaguely guilty about it

  3. You know what? This is almost certainly intended to be movies and fandom and stuff, but I will be completely honest in my boringness: I am currently very into Todoist because it's helping me do stuff like a) exercise regularly and b) run a daily blog, which c) has me drawing more and at least making more frequent attempts at writing even though most of them don't succeed

  4. I cannot tell a lie, The Game Theorists and GTLive

  5. ...Um. The corn in our garden? Our first attempt two years ago was tasty, but only one bed's-worth grew proper ears. Looks like we should be able to harvest most of both beds this year. (I am so boring, I feel like I should apologize for this)

5 Things On My To-Do List:

  1. Write the next chuck of the MoL fic with deadlybride/Z--and then all the rest of it

  2. Do the rest of those themed screen cap sets requested last year

  3. Finish building a 4-week buffer queue for this LJ

  4. Write the rest of those prompt fics from the "Fic It" meme last month

  5. Seriously, somehow get myself to start actually writing on a daily basis. That's always on my to-do list

This is where I'm supposed to tag people to do the meme, but that always feels kind of rude. But I guess if you do the meme, it would be cool if you mentioned me somewhere in it so LJ tells me about it and I can go read it.
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