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Reviews: Guardians of the Galaxy, vol. 2; SPN 1.02

I think Guardians of the Galaxy, vol. 2 might be even more fun than the first one--and that's a pretty high bar to clear.

  • Everyone already knows each other--so we get to see them actually functioning as a 'family'.

  • The Sovereign were the perfect blend of ridiculous and a credible threat.

  • Pretty much everyone in the movie had their own little arc of some kind, even if it was shallow and centered on 'practical jokes' that weren't really funny. :P

  • Everyone had a chance to be awesome. And also to screw up at least a little.

  • The bright, bouncing visuals allowed the CGI characters to blend in seemlessly (my dad thought Rocket was a top-end practical effect).

  • Pretty much every type of relationship was at least touched on--friendship, romantic m/f, platonic m/f, father/son in various forms, sisters, brothers (for all intents and purposes), captain-lieutenant ... even kinda mother-son. That's pretty dang rad.

  • The fight scenes were filmed so that you could clearly follow what was happening, and were a nice blend of 'visually interesting' and 'important to the plot'.

  • Baby Groot.

  • Most fun I've had during the credit sequences since I watched a Pixar movie.

Watching "Wendigo", on the other hand, was a trip and a half--I've been pretty deep in s11-12 the last few months, so it's weird to see the brothers a) so green and incapable of subterfuge and b) functioning almost at cross-purposes with each other. They're a very long way yet from functioning as a single unit. On the other hand, even though it's only episode 2, they're already rapidly becoming individuals as opposed to stock figures, and the cinematography is strong enough to mostly make up for all the endless tromping through forests. This episode does make pretty clear, though, why the show tends to focus on more human-type monsters instead of purely creature-types where there's no real mystery element to the case. There's not much to revisit from a story perspective--just bits and pieces of character development/further fleshing out of the show's premise.

Overall, though, it held up better than I'd anticipated.
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