Because I am kind of curious

from sunken-standard, via deadlybride/zmediaoutlet (edited slightly to fit with how LJ functions):
For Writers:
Reblog if it’s okay for your followers to leave you a comment telling you what the one thing is they remember you for as a writer. Is it a scene or a detail or a specific line? Is it something like style or characterization?

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I'm terrible at this - I tend to remember an author's name, and that I liked them, but very little else until I read their stuff again and remind myself. So unless I read something of yours yesterday, that's as much as I could say! Pretty useless for a survey, huh?
I tend to remember the author's name and then when scanning back through fic titles remember fave lines etc, so bad at this, sorry hun ♥
Ha, well apparently you're not alone. :P

I kind of expected to not get any responses at all on this, so even your comment is a pleasant surprise. ;)
I think the thing with fabulous fic writers is that you don't always necessarily remember a line, but a feeling, a sense, a contextual bolt of lightning when a subject comes up and you have a little moment and remember all those great immersions into their worlds :)