how i listen to music

So, I've been listening to the same one hour mix for about a week straight now, hitting "play" whenever it's over, and I'm wondering if anyone else does that. Well, I know my dad does - I suspect I get the habit from him - but it drives my sister crazy. My mom just listens to books on tape.

What about you guys?

Poll #1072470 Music listening habits

I tend to

listen to music only when someone else puts it on
listen to music on the radio
put my entire media library on "shuffle"
listen to a variety of albums (playlists, etc)
listen to the same album several times in a row
listen to the same album for days or even weeks at a time
This somewhat lengthy comment is brought to you by PROCRASTINATION!
Totally depends on what else I'm doing at the time. Generally when I'm absorbed in what I'm doing I'll listen to an album repeatedly until a flatmate comes in and threatens to bean me with a cello if I don't switch the CD. (I miss my ex-flatmate. XD) If I'm doing something dull that needs to be done I'll generally put my library on shuffle so I have the excuse to get up and change the track occasionally when it hits something I don't like. (I got a second hand iPod and transferred it all onto the computer - I have a lot of weird and wonderful pieces of music still to sort through before I have a collection that suits me.)
...I've never even considered the cello as a blunt object, but I suppose you could use one for that purpose. Seems a tad bit barbaric though, not to mention expensive.

I'm much more likely to go for a pillow - extremely irritating, without the potential of damage to one's pocketbook and (bothersome) companion.
I tend to put a single song on repeat for hours.
Oddly enough, this is going to be part of my column for this week.
It gives me consistency.
I'll do this from time to time - not recently, though, or I'd have remembered to put it down as an option.