Birthday gift to everyone: In a Cursed Hour (prologue, ch. 1)

deadlybride/zmediaoutlet and I finally have enough of the enormous Men of Letters AU written that we can start sharing some of it. :flings confetti: Although we're posting this as a WIP, each chapter is planned to be fairly self-contained, as with most episodes of the show.

Prologue: All Is Not Lost - In October 1958, Henry Winchester and Josie Sands investigated a haunting in Beardstown, Illinois, and everything went smoothly. A few weeks later, they prepare for their initiation.

Chapter 1: This New World - In October 2005, Sam Winchester's made a big-city life for himself with his girlfriend in Boston, Massachusetts. The night before Halloween, the life he'd left behind in Lebanon, Kansas breaks into his apartment, in need of a shave and help tracking down their father.

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