Brat Farrar (bratfarrar) wrote,
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Satin or silk meme

via zmediaoutlet/deadlybride

  • satin or silk? - Silk, I guess--don't really have a preference for either. I'm more of a fine cotton kind of gal.

  • hot chocolate or coffee? - Hot chocolate, definitely.

  • dusk or dawn? - Man, do I have to choose? Um. Both. It's summer. There are mosquitoes. Definitely dawn.

  • late mornings or early nights? - In principle, early nights. But I rarely seem to manage it.

  • baths or showers? - Showers, 100%

  • lilac or baby blue? - Baby blue

  • swimming or running? - Swimming. I hate running so much--I'm just really, really not built for it. But mucking around in the water is fun.

  • fruits or cake? - Fruits. Not really a cake person.

  • singing or dancing? - Singing. Been doing it since I was too small to remember.

  • pillow fights or pillow forts? - Forts! Pillows are for snuggling, not hitting.

  • camping or shopping? - Camping, but really most things over shopping.

  • paperback or hardcover? - Hardcover! I don't buy paperbacks anymore unless that's the only option (or it's $0.50 at a used book sale)

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