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LOL! First of all *Sam* in front of that still always KILLS ME! Second Clare and Billie - ♥♥♥
What made me laugh about that Sam picture this time is that the following picture is the sign for "Western Courier" with a cowboy in almost the same position (arm up instead of down is the only difference).

Also, I love that driving-away-in-the-taxi sequence with Claire so much.
1) Sam in "The French Mistake" - the whole image they painted for Jared was downright hilarious, but that large image behind the desk just took the cake (with all the trimmings XD)

2) two for one, since I can't decide - Gabe (who we didn't know at that time) standing at that large window, watching the Winchesters (?), from "Tall Tales" AND Dean paying reference to Village People and "helping" Frank out in "Adventure In Babysitting"

3) the whole rest of this batch