Brat Farrar (bratfarrar) wrote,
Brat Farrar

Fic It: yet another comment fic meme

For some reason, summer always puts me in the mood for comment fic memes. Usually I do these on my own, but I figured it might be fun to invite everyone to join in for a change.

a) One prompt per comment, please
b) Let's keep this PG-13, since my mum visits here on occasion ;)
c) Fandoms currently on offer: SPN, SGA, Greco-Roman mythology, Peter Pan, Shakespeare (feel free to add to the list) ETA: Game of Thrones (thanks, wetsammy)
d) Don't have an LJ account? No problem: anonymous commenting is turned on!

- Technicolor Pachycerms (SPN) - 900 Amelia Richardsons. 12,000 Amelia Richardsons!
- At Very Long Last (SGA) - Rodney waits--25 years, 48 millenia, 12 days.
- Lost and Found (Mythology) - Hera has a secret soft spot for one of Zeus's children.
- Moveables (SPN) - Sam's not entirely sure how or why Dean managed to fill his laptop full of recipes.
- Skydiving (SGA) - In which John has wings, however briefly.
- Wildlife Encounters (SPN) - Sam and Dean and a cat.
- Delivery Service (SPN) - Dean, Sam and Steve the Unicorn.
- Dean + Mildred (SPN) - Dean meets Mildred for the second time while he's buying doughnuts.
- Unseen (SPN) - Dean feels kind of stupid riding around with a blindfold on, but it's better than glancing over to the driver's seat and seeing only emptiness where Sam should be.

Promo Banners:

[more banners]

...I probably had entirely too much fun making those. :D
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