Reviews: Kenobi; El Dorado; Beyond the Great Snow Mountains; SPN

Kenobi (Miller) - Despite the Star Wars logo on the cover, this is definitely a western, and an enjoyable one too. We get to see Tatooine's wild frontier existence really explored, as well as an outsider POV of Obi-Wan Kenobi as he struggles through the transition to "Ben Kenobi, crazy old wizard". Honestly, it's probably worth a read if you enjoy frontier stories, even if you're not a Star Wars fan; just makes Kenobi's mysterious past a bit more mysterious.

El Dorado (nigeltde) - Supposedly there's going to be a sequel to this at some point. I really hope so--there's a lot left to be explored here. Basically, this story takes the trope of "SPN western AU" and mashes it up with "brothers raised separately, can't figure out why they're instantly at ease around this utter stranger", but without throwing away the show's foundational premise of demons and things that go bump in the night. Instead, nigeltde takes those three premises and uses them to tell a story that's not just another rehash of the show's pilot/one of the early season arcs.

Beyond the Great Snow Mountains (L'Amour) - I've always thought of L'Amour as strictly a writer of westerns, but this collection is set almost exclusively in more modern climes and frequently more exotic locales. It's a fun hodge-podge, starting with the story of a woman who refuses to be trapped into a life that's not for her and closing with the story of a woman who realizes that what she spent years thinking was a trap has become her dear home. In between there's a lot of boxing, solving of murders and thefts, and people simply doing what needs to be done in a variety of crises.

"Dream a Little Dream of Me"/"Mystery Spot" (SPN) - It's interesting to watch these back-to-back; you have first the false world of dreams, and then the dreamlike nightmarish world of Sam's timeloops. You also have Dean's denial and then admission that he does want to be saved, followed by Sam's inability to do so except through such desperation that Gabriel finally takes pity on him. The show really gets to show off its technical chops as well, with the wide variety of visual styles in the dream worlds, vs. the rigid sameness of the repeating scenes in the time loop.
Thanks for the pointer to El Dorado, that sounds like something I'd like so I'm off to check it out now!
Good idea on watching Dream a Little Dream of Me/Mystery Spot back to back!
I'm so used to watching them in isolation it was kind of startling to experience the effect of one right after the other.
Me too. It's either back to back chronologically or just random. I thought about doing that with recurring characters as well, since there's usually such a huge gap between their episodes.
Oh yes--I think the next batch on my docket might be the Ghostfacers; but it would be fun to do Gordon Walker or Henriksen (or Jody) as well.