pictures from a Sunday morning

Taken after church and on the walk back to my dorm.

This is something I've wanted to photograph about a year and a half now - the inside of St. Anne's is beautiful.

You can't tell in this picture, but all the windows have patterned window panes.

I should probably chop this one down a bit.

The post office, across the street from St. Anne's. I'm always struck by how absurdly fancy it is.

This is the top half of a lovely fountain that isn't running at the moment.

I'm not sure what building this is the roof of.

Just fiddling around with one of those not-kaleidescope things.

Pff, tourists take pictures of the sanctuary all the time. Usually while a church service is actually going on.
Huh. Never noticed that. Probably because I always sit in one of the front four rows.

At least I waited for the service to end. :p
They generally don't do it on Sundays, but on Tuesdays or during Evening Prayer in the summer there are lots of tourists taking pictures and talking.