Meme: Some odd dichotomies

cloudiebub, via deadlybride/zmediaoutlet

are you a mountain or beach person? - mountain in the summer, beach the rest of the year
coffee or tea? - neither, though I won't turn down a properly-prepared chai
smoothies or milkshakes? - pretty sure this isn't a fair question. uh, milkshakes, unless my dad's the one making the smoothies
vanilla or chocolate? - vanilla when talking about flavor, but actual dark chocolate when talking about eating
sun or moon? - sun, I guess
traveler or homebody? - HOMEBODY, hoo boy
sunset or sunrise? - sunset, because I get to watch them out my window at work during fall/winter
mermaid or fairy? - faerie
sunny days or rainy days? - sunny days for working, rainy days for just lying around the house (in the summer--always rainy days; the less hand-watering needed the better)
watercolor or acrylic? - watercolor, I guess

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Hmmm, these are those types of questions that I'd end up saying BOTH for all of them, lol.