city under sea

And am I born to die?

My grandfather's funeral is today--a man I never really got to know, thanks to physical distance and the personality of his second wife. My memories of him are almost entirely secondhand, from my father's stories of his childhood. I wish I'd had a chance to meet that version of him, the farmer who loved his land, loved teaching others about the ways of it, the happy family man--but he was gone before I was even born.

And am I born to die?
To lay this body down?
And as my trembling spirits fly
Into a world unknown

A land of deeper shade
Unpierced by human thought
The dreary region of the dead
Where all things are forgot

Soon as from earth I go
What will become of me?
Eternal happiness or woe
Must then my fortune be

Waked by the trumpet's sound
I from my grave shall rise
And see the Judge with glory crowned
And see the flaming skies

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I'm so sorry hun, for the loss, but also the loss of the possibility of meeting a genuinely good man with great homely ideals *hugs*
*hugs back*

Thanks--it's going to be an interesting day, I suspect. I hoping I get to hear some stories of who he was before, y'know?
As much as you ever can, I guess--especially when it's someone you regret never having had the chance to really know properly.

But there was an astonishing lack of family drama, which is all you can really hope for.
I'm sorry you never knew the man he was - and yet you did a little, via the stories so you can cherish that.