Poll: Favorite part of Independence Day

Favorite part of Independence day

All the over-the-top AMURRICA on people's blogs
Brat, you're kind of overdoing it on this whole "Independence Week" thing
You do realize not all of us are American, right?
Patriotic Batman

(Yes, Patriotic Batman does actually exist. Sort of.)

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Wouldn't know, never encountered an actual Independence Day1 Being a Brit and all ;)
Well, hence the "not all of us are american" option :P

(I actually had you specifically in mind when I included it.)
LOL! I just kinda answered without reading the poll instructions/option, that will teach me!
Fireworks and parades (and food) are definitely the best part of most countries' independence/national day.
Processions are a cultural universal, I think, once you get enough people to both have one and to be excited spectators, which is not very many people at all. The reasons will vary, but are usually military or religious or both. In modern secular nations (especially postcolonial, multicultural ones carved out of old Western empires) they are, in effect, celebration of the cult of the state. The modern equivalents of the cult of Roma Dea, basically.