Gone fishing

Well, not actually fishing, but I am going lakeside for the next week. But thanks to LJ's ability schedule posts, I have a full week of stuff queued up and ready to run while I'm off where there's no internet. See you all next weekend, and I hope you have a very celebratory Independence day!


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Have a FANTASTIC week my lovely and enjoy the time, just *be* :) We'll miss you but least we still have timered posts *\o/* Also, that's too damned adorable!

It was a---mostly lovely time. There was family stuff, as there always is with my dad's side of things, but the lake was gorgeous and I did so much swimming it was kind of ridiculous.
Family stuff happens every time we get more than three of the family together, so I get it. Excess swimming is good for the soul.
It makes me wish I had a lake in my back yard at home. So much better than the dinky little pool we used to have.
We had one of those above ground three foot high and twelve foot across things, you can't actually swim in them, even if you are a little person! lol.